Top 10 Best Free iOS Applications


Want to know in a small time the best apps that are free on the appstore. Here is a list of the top 10 prioritized apps that are the best and free in every way. So here is the rest :

Best Free Apps For iPhone

Top 10 free iOS apps

Not everyone is able to buy expensive iOS applications. For this reason, we have arranged the list of best free to install iOS applications. These apps are free, but premium so we can also call them freemium. These apps will for sure be loved by you all. All of these applications will help us in improving or daily life. These apps are Prisma, AnyDo, FaceTune, Uber, LastPass, Duolingo, Pocket, Mint, Paper by fiftythree, and SoundHound. Purpose of all these useful iOS applications is described one by one below


    Prisma is a cartoon camera application. Prisma allows us to capture and edit our photos with cartoonish filters. Prisma was once an iOS exclusive application but now Prisma is also available for Android platform.

  • UBER:

    Uber is a free to use online taxi booking application. It is the best car booking app which is free to download and we can also enjoy free rides with it. We can also refer our friends to gain referral bonus credits. These credits can be used later for free rides. The best advantage of Uber is promo codes. These codes can help us in getting extra discount for our rides.


    Some people find it difficult to remember passwords. LastPass is made for them. With LastPass, we can save all our passwords in a secure application. LastPass is very easy to use and has a great UI. LastPass is no doubt the best app for those who face difficulties in remembering strong passwords.


    SoundHound is a music recognizing app. It has ability to recognize songs and music from its huge database. Let’s say, we are sitting in a café or restaurant and a song is being played there. We enjoyed that song and now we want to know name of that song. What will we do? SoundHound can be used here to get the name of that song.

  • MINT:

    Mint is a free to install money managing application. Mint is basically an expenses register for iOS devices. We can use Mint to track all of our expenses which is great. This makes Mint a must have iOS application.



    As the name suggests, FaceTune is a beauty enhancing app for your iOS devices. One question will arise in minds of many that, what is its purpose? What can we do with it? The answer is simple; this application is used to tune our faces. We can edit our photos with FaceTune. FaceTune has many attractive features which every photo editing app should have. It even has a one-tap auto beauty enhancing feature.

  • ANYDO:

    Some people are very busy and have a lot of work to do. It is difficult for many of these people to remember their pending work. AnyDo works here. AnyDo makes a list of all our pending work according to time and rings an alarm which will help us to easily remember our pending tasks.


    Paper By Fiftythree is a drawing application for iOS devices. We can draw figures, color them, and do almost anything with them. We can also draw amazing sketches by using Paper By Fiftythree application.


    Pocket is an iOS application that is made especially for reading articles. Pocket is one of the best time passing applications available for iOS platform. Many people like to read articles related to their field. Pocket has now introduced another amazing option in which we can listen to articles instead of reading.


    Duolingo is a teaching application. Duolingo helps us in learning more and new languages. Duolingo was awarded the application of the year award by Google and Apple. Duolingo is a fun application, because it helps us in learning new languages in easy and fun ways.

This was the list of top 10 best free iOS applications. We hope that you loved our list of best iOS applications. Please give us your honest feedback through comments.

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