Nintend Animal Crossing Pocket Camp iPA Download

Nintendo has released its official Animal Crossing iPA App for iOS users. Well technically they have but not for all. The privilege is for Australia users only. The app is available to download in the UK version of the Appstore to download.

Well, today iPSWBETA.COM is here with yet another trick to download and install Animal crossing Pocket camp ipa nintendo for regions other than uk or australia. This can be called as an animal crossing game ipa hack or crack .

For android, its easy to get access to since you only need an apk of the app and install it. That’s it. But in iOS its a little more complicated than that. Well see you have to do some tweaks install an app not officially from apple.

If you want to get your hands on Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, Pocket Camp App early before the official release to all the countries or regions. Then here is a quick step by step guide to get the app early. These are some simple steps you would need to get the iPA till the time it is available on the web.

animal crossing ipa game download iphone ios

How to Nintendo Get Animal Crossing Pocket Camp iPA Game Outside UK/Australia

Follow this step by step guide on your iPhone,iPod or iPad to get the game.You;re gonna need a UK apple id for this to work. Don’t worry i’ll show you how. Just follow the guide.

Step 1 :

Log out of your Apple ID first. Open appstore settings and on the top right. Now scroll down and sign out.nintendo pocket camp ipa

Step 2 :

Now once you have signed out. Again try to download a free app. This will open a popup. From here select create new apple id.

Step 3 :

Now create a new email id . To verify your new AU apple id later.
You will asked to select a country now. Select Australia because that is where you are going to download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

Step 4 :

Now you will taken to Billing Address. This is the important Part. You have to select none. Although you cannot connect your card because you are applying for an australian account. Most probably you are outside Australia. But this is just for one app. So select None as the payment method.

Step 5 :

Finally after everything. Verify your Apple ID from the code sent to your email address. That is the last part . Now after verification. Your ID is completed.

Step 6 :

Head back to the apps section. Go to the search to find the animal crossing game for iPhone,iPad. It will be on the front page. If not search for it.Pocket camp ipa

Now download ,install and play the game as usual. You have successfully faked app store location and installed Nintendo Animal Crossing Pocket Camp ipa game on your iOS device. It is compatible with ios 10 and ios 11.

How do you like the new game ? . Have you run into any problems. Please tell us in the comments section. Like ,tweet and share. Thankyou.

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