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BarMagnet iPA download file, which is the Latest version and regularly updated here .Is a remote torrent Client. For iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11. You can use it to controll your torrent programs on other machines remotely using your iPhone,iPod or iPad. Download and install BarMagnet app iPA on your iOS 11 free. Without the use of Jailbreak or Cydia.

You must be wondering that why install this App. While you can get any app for this on the Appstore. The truth is that there are not much apps that support Remote Torrent Controll. Even if there is. They won’t function on all the torrent programs.

BarMagnet iPA in one line can be described as : A simple torrent remote controller for iOS 9 ,iOS 10 and iOS 11 with Full Support.

App Description

Name:                                         BarMagnet

Compatibility:                       iPhone, iPad, iPod

iOS:                                              iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 11.1, iOS 11.2

Version:                                    1.9.2

Recent Update:                   16 feb 2017

Appstore:                                Not Available

BarMagnet iPA App Features : Torrent Client for iOS

App Features

Here are some features of the new Barmagnet iPA app for iOS

  • Bar Magnet iPA Download Supports  qBittorrent, ruTorrent (HTTPRPC plugin), rTorrent (XMLRPC), SeedStuff seedboxes, Synology, Transmission, Vuze (Remote UI plugin) and µTorrent.
  • It has a query system that lets you search any of the torrent sites. Using also the url and queries.
  • Has a web broweser. It lets you add torrents to your remote server. Easily by magnet link or downloading the torrent file
  • Will show you in ordered manner. The sections of completed, incomplete, download speed, upload speed, active, downloading, seeding, paused, name, size or ratio.
  • You can remotely controll bandwith and speed of your torrents using Barmagnet iPA.
  • A great App to keep track of your Downloads.

barmagnet ipaDownload Barmagnet iPA Free – Install without Cydia


How to Install Barmagnet iPA without Jailbreak

Follow these steps to get the app without the need of cydia easily.

  • Download the BarMagnert iPA file from above.
  • Download Cydia Impactor.
  • Now connect your iPhone,iPad or iPod to your Computer using a Usb Cable.
  • Open up Cydia Impactor.
  • Now go to the downloaded file, drag it and drop to the cydia impactor.
  • Now the software will ask you for some data, put your Apple ID username and pass.
  • If it does not work. Try another apple ID (Dont worry this is safe)
  • Your app will begin installing.

After your application is installed. It will not open. To fix this.

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Profiles (or “Device Management” / “Profiles & Device Management”)
  • Find a profile named with your Apple ID
  • Open it and tap on the Trust button

Now once you go to your homescreen, you will see your application installed on your iDevice. Just open it and enjoy a good experience of getting full controll of your torrents via a remote torrent client for iPhone,iPad,iPod and iOS 11.



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