Download and Iinstall 25PP – vShare ,TutuApp Best Alternative


Official application store always the best store which can provide legitimate and secure applications, but sometimes, we cannot find the apps, due to more than one reasons. Either the officials do not find the apps got enough worth to be on their platform or the competition like stuff. Same happened in the case of the 25PP application store, the Chinese app store, the best alternative to vShare App , which provides the option to download limitless application and games for iPhone and iPad devices.

25 PP best store to download premium applications free

If you require paid and premium application free, you can have by downloading and installing, 25PP on your Apple device. But, this is not available on Apple, how one can use it. Though this application requires jailbreaking of the device, jailbreaking for an application store is not a good idea, but by following the method you can have this app store without jailbreaking.

Category option to download apps and games is the best feature, one can search the application using category. Like, if you do not know the name of a game, you can search through the category, all the games of that category will be there. Easily find the game and tap on to get the application without of paying a single penny. This app store is not potentially harmful to your device, trusted app store, but got the competition with Apple official App Store, due to the reason, you cannot have this in the official store.

How to download 25PP iOS on Apple

One can install this App by using a computer or without using a computer. But, the procedure which we are going to narrate in next few lines, will not use any PC.

  • Tap on this link by using iPhone or iPod
  • As I described this application store is developed by Chinese, and to use it, you have no need to learn Chinese, just see the green button there, and tap on that button
25PP on iOS11
Tap on the green button to download this on Apple device
  • A green text web page will open in there, just tap on this green button what has been mentioned in the image. You do not have need to know the Chinese to download this Application
  • When you will tap on that, the download and installation of the App will start, it will depend on your internet connection now
  • Now, you will get installed this application on your Android, but when you will click to launch this App, this is going to give you error, change the setting of the iPhone Device
  • Tap on setting > General – > device management > scroll down a little and see the Beijing Xingye Technology, and tap it as a trusted developer
  • When you will tap on this, a prompt will appear to show you the following app has marked as trusted
  • Now, again tap on the 25PP app, install the certificate and tap on the blue button in there.
  • You have done all to install the 25 PP app for Apple device, tap on the rightmost side blue button to search the apps on your Apple device.
download 25 PP
Use this arrow headed text to search the application over 25PP application store

For Jailbreak Devices

The above-mentioned process was to get the 25 PP app store if you have not jailbroken your device. If you got jailbreaking device, you should follow the steps, to get this Chinese App store to search for amazing application without of paying nothing

  1. Open Cydia > sources > edit > Add >
  2. Tap on the search bar and enter 25 PP app store
  3. Now, install the application
  4. Done, you got the app store

Though the app store got some difficult to use interface and searching as well. But, you can say it the best alternative of the vShare app. Easily download lots of application games which are paid on App Store of Apple device.