How to Download and Install Appsync iOS 11 (Unified) – 2018


Appsync iOS 11, is a feature that lets you install cracked apps and tweaks on your iOS device. With or without jailbreak. Basically what it does is when you download a tweak which is cracked or from a third party store. there is sometimes problems. Because it looks like a dim icon and you can not open it when you tap on it.

This is where appsync ios 11 comes in. It Removes that error and lets you run those apps ,tweaks and games.

iOS 11 Jailbreak support is Out. And with cydia itself.  So it is time now that you install one of the oldest and popular tweak of all time. Appsync Unified for iOS 11.appsync iOS 11

iOS Compatibility

  1. 11.0
  2. 11.0.1
  3. 11.0.2
  4. 11.0.3
  5. 11.1
  6. 11.1.1
  7. 11.1.2

Appsync supports all the iOS 11 version which is compatible for jailbreak. With Electra.


  1. 64 bit Apple Device
  2. Electra Jailbreak RC1,0 Cydia version or any other using cydia
  3. Internet Connection
  4. Working Jailbreak

What is Appsync for iOS 11 (Unified)

Appsync unified is the only tweak that lets you bypass the Apple Check system for apps. And bypass the “Expiration Date” .Runs the self signed certificates.

Very important for people who use Cydia Impactor. There is also an alternative called Immortal. You can use it with that. But the main feature for Appsync iOS 11 is to install unsigned apps, .IPA files directly from to and onto your iPhone,iPad or iPod.

So best for you when you are using Cydia or Jailbreak.

I’ll show you how to download and install Appsync Unified iOS 11 on your iOS Device for free and easily. A Step by Step method.

Step By Step Method to Download and Install Appsync iOS 11 Updated Version

Considering that you already have cydia. Because it would be useless for you if not. Follow these steps to install it. Tested and verified in 2018 and onwards.

Step 1 : 

Open up your Cydia Application from your Device. If you are not jailbroken yet. Use electra Jailbreak Cydia Version or find any other method to jailbreak with cydia.

Step 2 :

Now on the bottom tap on sources. And add source. Add the following source.

Tap Add Source. And let it complete. This will add Karen’s Source to your device. Which will then appear in your Sources section.

Step 3 :

Now go to Search tab and type in “Appsync Unified”. This will search for appsync ios 11 compatible tweak to download and install on your iDevice.appsync ios 11

Step 4 :

Now wait for it to complete install the tweak.  Once the installation is complete. Now Respring your device. Tap on the Restart Springboard Button.

Done, you should now have working App sync iOS 11 installed on your device. Enjoy self signing apps on your iPhone.

Thats it. Just a simple easy process completed in a moment. Now enjoy with this amazing jailbreak tweak that allows you to run unsigned third-party applications (IPA files) forever on your iPhone,iPad or iPod on iOS 11.

If you run into any problems. Be sure to leave a comment. We’ll try to solve it as soon as possible. If you have any request. Tell us here.


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