How to Download and Install Tutuapp for iOS 12 – Working

TUTUAPP, a name that has been on the mind of every android and iOS user out there. Tutuapp iOS is basically a mobile app, for iOS firmware that ,without jailbreak you can use to get paid apps and games for free. And today, we are downloading the tutuapp version for all iOS 12 devices. So stay with me and keep on reading.

It is important to know that these type of applications can not be found on the Apple’s appstore. Because they are denied by them. Since they only support distribution of apps from their own source. However we can get around and install TUTUAPP without Jailbreak. Or from the Appstore.

Tutuapp is the best appstore for iOS 12. Apart from vShare ios 12. This is a totally free and cracked appstore. Which allows you to install third party and free games ,apps without the need of cydia impactor or a computer.

MovieBox and ShowBox which are the most commonly well known movies streaming apps on iphone and ipad.They can now be downloaded successfully on ios 12 using tutuapp. Yes, and without Jailbreak also.


Requirements & iNFO:

Version: Latest
File Size: 14.45 MB
Minimum Requirement: iOS 12
Package: TutuApp-com.feng.droid.tutu
Features of TutuApp: Download Paid/Modded Apps for Free
Available in: Freemium
Latest Update: 2018

You will Need a :

  • Non-Jailbroken iPhone or iPad
  • An internet connection
  • iOS 12. However can be used on lower operating systems.

No PC required. If you have one. You can just quickly open the website and scan barcode to download it. Else there is no need. Everything can be done via your iPhone,IPad or iPod.

Download TutuApp iOS 12

Remember that this is not the free version method. Because that is not a legit way and has not use. If you don’t pay any money. This is about how to install tutuapp on iOS 12.


  1. First of all. Click on this link from your iPhone,iPad or iPod. Or google the tutuapp site. And go there.
  2. Now you will get a screen like this. Tap on Install Now.
  3. You will see a POP-UP. Tap on Install.
  4. Now go to your homescreen. You will see a new app downloading . Let it download and finish. This is the tutuapp which is being installed on your iOS 12.
  5. After installation. You will see a tutuap icon. This is the application we are installing. And is now done.

Solving Untrusted Enterprise Developer Issue

When you first run the app. It will give you an error. That this developer is untrusted. Do not worry. This is not a major problem. To solve this. Just follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Now go to General.
  3. Open Profiles & Device Management.
  4. Now choose Shanghai Chuanglve Information etc etc.
  5. Tap on the Trust button.
  6. Click Trust.

Thats it. Your Tutuapp for iOS 12 will be working fully. You can now go to homescreen and use your cracked appstore for iOS.

Enjoy downloading and installing thousands of apps for free. And use them to your hearts consent.

Tutuapp iOS 12 Not Working (FIX)

There are a lot of users, who are getting this problem. As i mentioned in the start. It may be because that the signature of the application has become old. It will cause tutuapp ios 12 to crash, not properly install apps/games or other unstable issues.

So to fix this, just simply uninstall and delete the profile. Install a fresh one .New one using the same method mentioned above. And this will fix the issues.

If you have any other issues or problem. Be sure to leave a comment.

6 Comments on “How to Download and Install Tutuapp for iOS 12 – Working”

  1. I just updated my phone to iOS 12 today November 9th 2018. I already have the tutu app installed when I updated my phone. After I updated it, I was unable to get into the tutu app and the app I installed from there. It said the app needed to be verified in the setting but when I went in there to do so it would not let me. So I uninstalled the tutu app and all other apps and tried re reinstall it but it wouldn’t let me. When I go to install it it shows it’s downloading but installs to a white box with diagonal lines. And since then I have been unable to install it. Have a tired pretty much every other why to install it but come up with the same problem. Do you have any ideas?

    1. when it shows a white box in the apps section. You have to tap it to let it download. Try the official tutuapp site. And install from there. If still you are unable to . Then download an iPA file and install via cydia impactor.

      1. My tutuapp keeps saying “download not available at this time ” like literally on all apps I download what must I do?

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