Download & Install TutuApp VIP Free for iPhone XS Max, XS, XR

TutuApp is a great free iOS appstore for all iPhone and iOS users. Those who can’t get jailbreak but still want to get apps and mod apps for iOS  for free.  Hence a great alternative for vShare, appeven, hipstore  iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9 and above versions .

TutuAPP vip is now availble to install on the new iPhone models. iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS  and iPhone XR for free. With absolutely no need for cydia or Jailbreak. This allows you to have maximum privelages for your new iOS 12 and new iPhone models.  And allows you to install third party apps without a pc or cydia impactor.

For those of you ,who remember Installous. Which was a free cracked app store back in the days. It allows you to install almost every app for free. But needed a jailbreak. This is the present installous. You can get without Jailbreak or cydia.

With its support and thanks to its developers. It is very easy to download tutuapp vip ios free.  Just follow this step by step guide to install the iPA app. And run it on your iOS Device.

MovieBox and ShowBox which are the most commonly well known movies streaming apps on iphone and ipad.They can now be downloaded successfully on ios 12 using tutuapp. Yes, and without Jailbreak also.

TutuApp Features

Here is a list of features of TUTUapp VIP free for iPhone XR,XS and XS Max.

  • Alternative of vShare, 25PP, HipStore ,AppEven and installou.
  • Supports all the latest firmware and beta releases.
  • Install without the need of Apple ID.
  • Download and install all the apps for free without Jailbreak.
  • This post contains tutuapp vip ipa download.

tutuapp ios free

Requirements & iNFO:

Version: Latest
File Size: 14.45 MB
Minimum Requirement: iOS 12
Package: TutuApp-com.feng.droid.tutu
Features of TutuApp: Download Paid/Modded Apps for Free
Available in: Freemium
Latest Update: 2018

You will Need a :

  • iPhone XS,XR,XS MAX
  • An internet connection
  • iOS 12. However can be used on lower operating systems.

No PC ,iTunes or Cydia Impactor is required. Can be done easily via the following procedure below. Just follow the guide.

Steps to Download and Install TUTUAPP

Please remember that if you are looking for TUTUAPPVIP version. Which is free. There is no use. Because there is not much of a difference. And if you have any issue. The support is not that good to take care of it. So you will get stuck with your money out of your wallet.

Hence try out the free version for better quality .


  • Go to safari and click on this link from your iPhone. Or google the tutuapp site. And go there.
  • When the page is fully loaded. Tap on Install Now.
  • You will get a POP-UP. Tap on Install.
  • Now close the browser and go to your homescreen. You will see a new app downloading . Let it download and finish. This is the tutuapp which is being installed on your iOS 12.
  • After installatio is complete. You will see a tutuapp and its icon This is the application we are installing. And is now done.

Solving TutuApp’s Untrusted Enterprise Developer Issue

When you open the app for the first time. You’ll get an error saying Untrusted Enterprise Developer etc. Or something like this. To solve it follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Now go to General.
  • Open Profiles & Device Management.
  • Now choose Shanghai Chuanglve Information (etc).
  • Tap on the Trust button.
  • Click Trust.

That’s it. Now open the app again. You will see it working without any issues. Now you have a fully working tutuapp vip ios free version on your iPhone XR, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max.

Tutuapp iOS 12/11/10/9Not Working : (FIX)

If you are getting some error while trying to download,install or run the app. Simply do this to fix it.

Just uninstall and delete the profile from settings. Now install a fresh one. Using any of the method above. This will Fix TUTUAPP not working on iOS issue.

Hope everything went well till here. If not, you can comment your problem and we’ll tell you a working solution for this.

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