Download iPhone 11 exclusive live Wallpapers on all iPhone Models


I am damn sure many of you guys are so much excited to download iPhone live wallpapers 2019.In this article I will try my best to cover almost all the 2019 live wallpapers of any model of iPhone and you can install them on,

  1. iPhone 11
  2. iPhone 11 Pro
  3. iPhone 11 Pro Max

In this Tutorial i will show you how to download and Install iPhone 11 exclusive live wallpaper on any iPhone. Each and every model of iPhone has its own unique live wallpapers and iPhone 11 model is not too much different.There are many unique wallpapers and they are designed in such a way to please and adore you.You can make your home screen and lock screen pleasing with these unique wallpapers.If you like wallpapers then it will be pleasing for you to make a collection of such adorable and unique wallpapers.In article I will try to cover all the topics regarding unique wallpapers and you can download wallpapers of all the models of iPhone and you can download them on latest iPhone models.

What are the requirements to download iPhone 11 live wallpapers on any model of iPhone?

First I want to give you an idea about the requirements before getting into steps.There are few requirements which you need to fulfill.Following are some requirements to download iPhone11 wallpapers on any iPhone model.

  1. Very first thing is to install mp4 file means short clips of these iPhone 11 wallpaper.
  2. Now use any app so that you can covert these small video clips to live wallpapers.
  3. When you are done with this requirement you can set any wallpaper to your home screen or lock screen.

What are the steps to download iPhone 11 wallpapers on any iPhone model?

There are many different methods to download wallpapers but in article I am going to tell you the easiest method.Follow the given simple steps to download iPhone 11 wallpapers on any iPhone model.

  1. Install iPhone 11 favorite wallpaper.
  2. Wait until it is downloaded.
  3. Share and save the video.

Step 1-Download and Install your favorite wallpaper:First you need to see all the wallpapers and then select your favorite one.Just tap on your favorite wallpaper and then tap on it until you see a download option.Now tap on download image.After this an option will pop up on your screen to confirm installation.In the pop-up option you need to tap on download.

Step 2:Wait until it is downloaded:Second step is patience.When you hit the download option you need to wait for some seconds until the wallpaper is installed completely.At the top right you can tap on download button to see the download status.When you are done with this you need to tap on file name.

Step 3:Share and save:Last step is to hit the share button.You can find this share button at the left corner.When you are done with this toy need to save this video and then choose save video option.

How To Convert The Video Into a Live Wallpaper on iPhone?

As I mentioned above ,Now I will tell you how to convert the video into a live wallpaper on iPhone .To do this you have to follow below given steps.

Step #1.First you have to download intoLive which is free and you can download it on iOS 10 or the later versions of iOS. Now to download this click here.

Step #2.Once the download process of intoLive app completes ,launch the app.

Step #3.It will ask for the permission to access to Photo library tap on Allow.(It will show the video that you had downloaded on your iPhone)

Step #4.Select that downloaded video and after you select a video now you can fine tune the wallpaper by using intoLive app.

Step #5.When that is finished,at the top right corner you will see Make tap on it and then tap on No repeat when the popup appears.

Step #6.Now wait for few seconds and let the app to appear the live Photo.Once it done click on Save Live Photo.

How To Set iPhone 11 Series Exclusive Live Wallpaper?

Now if you do not know how to Set iPhone 11 Series Exclusive Live Wallpaper simply Open the Photo and Set the wallpaper on your iPhone.To get this done follow below given steps.

  1. Head over to the Photos app.
  2. Now Choose the image which you want to make the wallpaper on your device.
  3. Tap on Share button.
  4. Now Select Use as Wallpaper you can find that option in the share sheet.
  5. Click on Set and choose to set it as Lock screen.

That was all on If you still have any question related to this topic then feel free to ask down below in the comment section.Also you can like us on Facebook so you never miss an update.If this tutorial helped you then share it with your friends.

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