Top 7 Apps To Download & Watch Anime Online on iOS (2018)

Anime, the classical way to entertain yourself, have been around since forever luring you into a new world of entertaining stories, beautiful graphics and captivating characters that you would immediately fall in love with.

In case you have been missing your favorite childhood anime or you want to start watching a new series right from your android or iOS device, you’ve come to the right place.

TV service providers may not air your anime anymore, or the government might have blocked the channels that air anime on your tv, this causes a major concern for serious anime lovers. But you don’t have to worry anymore, because you can now watch anime shows right on your phone – android or iPhones.

We have compiled a list of the 7 best working apps where you can  go back to watching the anime series you’ve been nostalgic about, or browse new anime shows and have fun.

Another great way is to download showbox or moviebox or PopCorn Time onto your android or ios device. It has a collection of wide range of animes .And its totally free. Similar like netflix.

 Best applications to watch anime on Smartphone – for Android and iPhone 

 1# YouTube 

Yes YouTube!watch anime ios android


A wide variety of anime shows are available to watch on YouTube. YouTube is the most famous application in the market for this purpose. You will be provided with reviews, trailers, ratings and several other short movies, clips etc. It is the most well known video streaming application, and also the best place to watch videos in any kind of quality that you prefer.

You can even subscribe to your favorite YouTube channels and get updates about every upload that you want to follow on.

YouTube is a very smart app, it can detect your internet speed too and set the video quality accordingly so you won’t face any problems. You can also save your videos once you do have access to internet for watching it later offline. You can either watch it in landscape or portrait mode.

[appbox appstore id544007664?mt=8] [appbox googleplay]

 2# Anime and Manga Animo 


Anime and Manga Animo is a very well-known social networking application for anime nerds. It is everyone’s go-to app for latest anime episodes and anime ios android

You can browse through a wide variety of animes and select your favorites. Follow other users and stay updated and share stuff with them like video URLS or images. If you’ve enjoyed reading or watching a particular Manga or anime and you want to share it with others, write your experience in a blog post and share it on your wall. That way other users will also know about your favorite animes and Mangas and discover it for themselves.

Animo helps you to avoid online harassing comments by enabling you to choose the option to prevent other users from commenting on your wall.

Animo has this feature called the Achievement Level where new users will be on level 1. To up your level you have to take part in group discussions, chat with other users, share links and photos etc. You can reach up to level 20. There also another feature where you will have a folder with a list of all your shared animes.

[appbox appstore id509450904?mt=8] [appbox googleplay id=com.narvii.amino.x3]

 3# Crunchy Roll: 


This is another anime for Android devices. Crunchyroll isn’t just a well working application but it’s really pretty to look at too.

This app shows the name of all animes in a grid interface. You can switch this view to List View. You can tap on a thumbnail to watch an anime and crunchyroll’s inbuilt video player will start playing your choice of anime. The video player has all the basic features for your comfort. It supports subtitles in 9 languages. You can even bookmark your favorite animes to watch them again.

[appbox appstore id329913454] [appbox googleplay id=com.crunchyroll.crunchyroid]

 4# Aozora Tracker 


Use Aozora to discover new interesting animes. To browse freely on Aozora for anime series, you’re going to have to register an account on the app.anime online on iOS apps

Once you’ve made an account you can choose animes of your choice, look at the ratings and rankings, choose options filtered by genre, year, production studio and classifications. Watch trailers and stay updated on upcoming animes. It also enables you to create lists of animes that you want to watch or plan on watching.

[appbox appstore id590452826] [appbox googleplay id=com.everfox.animetrackerandroid]

 5# Netflix 

Netflix is a very well-known app where you can watch tv shows, movies and animes in HD and Ultra HD Quality. Netflix has a various collection of anime. You can stream online or download your favorite animes on smart TV or your Android, iOS device.

Netflix subscription plan start from $10. You can have the premium subscription for one month before actually paying for your subscription.

[appbox appstore id363590051] [appbox googleplay]

 6# Naruto Shippuden 


Naruto Shippuden app is an app powered by Crunchyroll and it lets you watch every episode of Naruto.naruton watch online download ios iphone

Naruto is the most watched anime series with thousands of die-hard fans, and just for this reason this app is entirely dedicated to Naruto with its 500+ episodes. This app does not require account registration.

You can either watch it is SD quality of HD. Once you’ve chosen the episode you decided to watch, the app will ask you if you’d prefer to watch in HD and display the sign up button and the subscription fees. You can tap on “no thanks” if you want to keep watching it for free.

[appbox appstore id405863822] [appbox googleplay]

 7# Anime Watch Kissanime 


Anime Watch concludes our list of best apps to watch anime on your phone. This is yet another top app with 100s of animes and 18 genres to choose from.

The built-in video players works very well with all the basic features for your comfort. If the anime is in Japanese you will be provided with English subtitles. Bookmark videos and enable the audio effects, you can even change the video streaming settings. except you can’t change the video streaming quality.

Appstore : Not Available.

Android : You can search Google for Download Links.

So which one of the above apps are you using. And which in your case is the best. Please leave your review so that we can move the places up and down and let the anime lovers know.

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