Easy Step By Step Fix for frozen iPhone or iPad – Fix Unresponsive Device


You were doing something or were in the middle of something and suddenly your iPhone or iPad got Stuck or Frozen ? Well don’t even worry a bit. Here is a simple fix for that.

Firstly, If you have dropped your iPhone or iPad in the water or it has short circuited or even because of some external damage. Your mobile is not turning on. Then this is not the guide for you. This procedure simply tells you how to easily recover if during some work or update your iphone is stuck or frozen on one screen. And you cannot do anything like you cannot turn off, open multi tasker or switcher on your iphone/ipad .Then you can fix this using the steps below.

So if you are suffering from a frozen screen on iphone that isn’t responding to any of your commands. Then don’t worry. Fix it simply using this simple handy trick. It will help you later on in every way. During everything.

Note : This will not help your iPhone if it is stuck in Recovery Mode.

 Easy Fix to Recover from Unresponsive / Frozen iPhone Screen/iPad Screen 

This method will help you recover from :

  1. Frozen Apps
  2. If totally frozen
  3. Unresponsive Screen
  4. Stuck
  5. Stuck during update

Works For :

  1. iOS 9
  2. iOS 10
  3. iOS 11
  4. iOS 11.3

and all of their subversions.

 Steps To ReCover Frozen/Stuck/Hanged iPhone or iPad 

Apply the following procedure.

 Procedure # 1 

  • Hold down the Power buttonfix frozen iphone
  • Wait for the Slide to Power Off option
  • Now power it off
  • Wait for about 10 seconds
  • Power it on

 Procedure # 2 

Works All the Time

    1. Press the Volume Down + Home Button + Power Off Button together.
    2. Keep holding them for about 5 seconds.
    3. Your phone screen will turn off.
    4. Leave the buttons.
    5. Now , apple logo will appear (if not, press the power on button to turn it on).
    6. The device will restart automatically and turn on normally.

NOTE : The buttons varry for iOS version. Above is the case for ios 11 and ios 10. But if that does not work. Try holding all the three buttons, volume up, volume down and power button together.

There you go. A fool proof fix for fixing a frozen iphone99% of the time this will work. If not, quickly drop a comment and I’ll guide you .

 Procedure 3 

Although this is not concerning to the title but another useful info.


If you are suffering from iPhone stuck in recovery mode displaying a cable arrowed to itunes icon. Then long ago I did a quick fix. I don’t know if it works now or not but you can try rather that installing completely new firmware from iTunes.

  1. Download RedSnow.
  2. Run it and tap on Extras.
  3. In the Extras option click on Recovery Fix
  4. Then click on Next and the procedure will begin fixing your iPhone or iPad stuck in Recovery iTunes Mode.
  5. Done.

If still you are unable to fix your smartphone then there are a few extra things you can try.

  1. Discharge to let it power off then charge it again and turn on the device
  2. Connect it to iTunes .If itunes picks it up. Simply tap on restore.
  3. Force your iPhone into recovery mode and then connect it to itunes to restore it.

Found the article helpfull. Did it solve the problem. Please leave a comment. If not then tell us. We will be glad to help you. Please like and share to help more people.


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