Enable Split Screen Browsing on iPhone and iPad Without Jailbreak


Multitasking till now has only been limited to apple iPad and to android. But why is this so. Android phones are advancing model by model. With the arrivals of newer android versions. They bring new features to the phone. Same is not the case with Apple. They just bring bug fixes, and some GUI tweaks.

One of the most used and demanded feature was multitasking. Android users have gotten their hands on it long before I could remember. However we on the other hand, IOS Users are still waiting for the day .When we will split our screen into two parts. And enjoy independent control over them.

This has been done but with a side-effect on iOS. You can enable Multitasking Split Screen on iOS ,iPhone and iPad, with the help of jailbreak. But what about the IOS Versions who don’t have jailbreak ? or the people who don’t want to jailbreak?

This article is about those people like me. Who are stuck without Cydia. But still want to have split screen multitasking feature on iPhone without Cydia or Jailbreak. You can easily do that now.

However, the feature is only limited to browsing. You can only surf on the web independently using a split screen multitask option on iOS . And this requires no Jailbreak, no Cydia, no Hack. Just an internet connection.

Is native split-screen multitasking possible on iOS?

No and Yes, would be out the official answer. Well you see, officially from the Apple itself. We have no such feature included in the iOS versions ever. But with two method you can get multitasking with split screen on any iOS Version for iPhone or iPad.

  1. Using Jailbreak, Cydia and some tweaks.
  2. Using Apps which don’t require jailbreak. But sometimes apps are limited to specific funtions only.


This article is limited to split screen browsing only.

Thankfully, with the help of some apps and developers from the Apple’s App Store. We can use Split-Screen Browsing on iPhone and iPad running upto iOS 11. With any supported or unsupported models. Including the new iPhone X. All of this without the need of cydia or Jailbreak.


  • Internet Connection.
  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • iOS 6.0 or above

Step by Step Method to ENABLE SPLIT-SCREEN on iOS 11

Here are the things you should do to achieve android like top down multi task feature on iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: Go to your Appstore.

Step 2: Now Download Split Web Browser from the App Store. The app works on all the iOS versions from iOS 6.0 to iOS 11.

‎Split Web Browser
‎Split Web Browser
Developer: Savy Soda
Price: Free

However if you have iOS 11 and not a lower version. Then for a sleek looking design download .

Developer: csaba abel
Price: Free

Step 3: Launch the app once downloaded from the homescreen.
These apps will allow you to enable SplitScreen Browsing Multitask feature on your iOS device. Including iPhone and iPad models.

Split web browser
Splitware GUI










That’a about it. You can now get multitasking feature on your iPod or iPhone running iOS 6.0 to iOS 11. Now enjoy doing more than one thing on the same screen.

These apps are on the development stages and will definitely progress to something greater.

Here is a video showing the live features and performance of the app.By TechLabs.

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