How to Improve and Fix Battery Issues on iOS 11


If you have recently updated your iPhone to iOS 11 and you are facing annoying battery issues, you do not have to worry. This is a tutorial on how you can easily fix these battery issues in iOS 11 with several tips and tricks.

Fix and Improve Battery Issues:

1.     BlueTooth Not Turning Off:

The first issue we noticed was that the Bluetooth was not turning off on iOS 11. Basically what the issue that was happening was that the Bluetooth kept on scanning for nearby devices to connect to. This ended up in draining the battery.

To fix this problem, you will either have to turn the Bluetooth off from the control centre or the Settings. Or you can turn your iPhone to airplane mode.

2.     Cellular Tricks

If you own an iPhone, the cellular section has some extra options. These options will be moved from the phone section in iOS 10 to the cellular section in iOS 11. If you go into the cellular settings, you will find the WiFi Calling. Turn that off if you do not use it.

This is because you are on a weak WiFi network and your iPhone will struggle and work harder to keep up the connection. In result, it ends up causing battery drainage.

Also turn the WiFi Assist off from the cellular section. You can do this by scrolling all the way to the end, this option automatically switches your iPhone to LTE if the WiFi signals are weak.

3.     Notifications:

If You have a lot of applications installed on your iOS 11 device, notification Settings might also need to be checked. Basically, once you install new apps and allow notifications, the app also has permission to scan for new notifications in the background.

We recommend turning the notifications off for those apps that are really not required. Go to your iPhones Settings > Notifications and go through the list of apps there. Select every app that has its notifications turned on and it doesn’t require to be turned on. You can completely turn them off saving yourself battery.

4.     Moving Wallpapers:

Apple now uses moving wallpapers, in a very different way than other smartphones, if you notice. The way Apple uses it is by an accelerometer sensor. To change this go to Settings on your iPhone > Wallpapers and tap on the wallpaper and select “Static” instead of “Perspective”.

5.     Siri and Search:

iOS 11 gives alt more of control over Siri, over apps. And this causes a lot of better drainage. Because Siri can scan through a lot of apps to find relevant information and this doesn’t come without drawbacks. We recommend you turn off Siri’s intervention to apps, to improve the battery backup. You can do this by going to Settings > Siri & Search and now turn off siri’s access for all the applications.

6.     Auto Brightness:

Since the auto brightness option is not in its previous place in iOS 11, a lot of people have the brightness level higher than required. Go to Settings > Genera > Accessibility > Display Accommodations and there you will find the auto brightness settings.

7.     Animations:

Turn off animations of iOS 11 under the accessibility settings under the name “Reduce motion”

Look for the apps that use more battery:

If you notice battery issues after installing a particular app, you can easily track that app. iOS 11 has a built in feature which shows what app has used how much battery. Go to Settings > Battery > scroll down and see what apps are using most battery and remove them.

8.     Location Services:

Apple allows third party apps to track your locations. You can choose which app has your permission to use your location and which app doesn’t. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Here you will see a list of apps that have your permission to use your location.

These are all the methods available to reduce battery drainage. If these do not work for you, you can downgrade to iOS 10. Good luck.


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