Step By Step Guide to Fix Respring Loop on Electra Jailbreak


Electra come with a great deal of features. But never the less it is not perfect. Electra Jailbreak is equipped with loads of issues,errors and bugs. Still in its development stages and regular updates. We are seeing more and more fixes but it will take some time. To get the proper working Jailbreak for iOS 11. Using Cydia.  One of the the major problems is Respring Loop on Electra Jailbreak. This post is a quick step by step guide to fix an infinite respring loop without restoring – electra jailbreak ios 11-11.1.3.infinite respringing fix electra

Causes of Respring Loop on Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11

The Infinite loop of Respring on your iPhone,iPad or iPod while using Electra Jailbreak is an important issue. Basically what causes it is still unknown. Maybe some buggy or incompatible tweaks that you install via Cydia.

iPhone X is a major hit. A lot of users whom have reported this issue are owning the latest version of the Apple’s smartphone.

Note : Just merely opening and closing of your “Camera” app can put your iPhone ,iPad,iPod in Infinite Respring Loop. While you have jailbreak.

Don’t worry, that is what this article is for. A 3 method step by step guide to fix respring loop on iOS 11-11.1.2 electra jailbreak.fix infinite repsring loop electra

How to Fix Infinite Respring Loop on iOS 11 – 11.1.2 Electra Jailbreak

Here are Top 3 Methods to fixing respring loop on ios 11-11.1.2 .

Method # 1:

1 .Try to Reboot your Device into No-Jailbreak Mode.

2. Now after Reboot , on the homescreen. Launch Electra Application

3. You will get the option to Jailbreak . Now from here Do the following

  • Disable the Tweaks Option you see below.Fix Respring Loop on Electra
  • Now Press the Jailbreak Button.

4.  This mode is the iOS 11 equivalent for No Substrate Mode. What it does that it will start jailbreaking your iDevice while all the other installed tweaks on your phone remain non functional.

5. Once your device has done jailbreak. You can now access Cydia from your home screen.

6. Now open up cydia and go to the Installed Tab on your device. This step is to uninstall the problematic tweak to fix infinite respring loop of electra jailbreak. You have find the tweak if you don’t know which one it is.

  • Try Removing them, one by one from the latest installed tweak. After which you started experiencing this issue.
  • Untill you find out the bugged,bogus tweak. Keep doing the above practice.

7. With the tweak Gone. Reboot your device again.

8. Re-Jailbreak using Electra. This time using the tweaks option enabled.

Hopefully, now you will not experience the respring or restarting issue on ios 11 with electra. This should fix that.

The next time you start experiencing this. Remember which thing you installed the last.

Method # 2:

In some casses. Users have reported the issue that they are unable to even restart their devices. If you are one of those people. Then you cannot use the method 1. Because you are unable to remove the bugged tweak/app.

To fix this issue. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Let the battery end .Drain all of it and wait for it to turn off automatically.
  2. Now try turning your iPhone,iPad or iPod On.
  3. Now use the Method#1 or check if just restarting solved the issue.

An alternate method is that you can try installing a third party program to do this. There are many e.g Recboot, or ReiBoot. I remember one I used years ago called RedSnow. I don’t know if it is still available now or not.

Hopefully this will fix respringing infinitely when jailbreak on iOS 11-11.1.2.

Method # 3:

Your final choice is to try the Hard Reset method. Although I personally don’t know it would work or not. But it will fix your device with restoring. For this you can either try to,

  • Use the hard reset buttons on your iPhone,iPad or iPod.
  • Or try to reset your iPhone via iTunes while in developer mode using OTA ios download.
  • Or download the latest iPSW file of the iOS firmware and install it via iTunes.

Are you still having the issue ? Then don’t hesitate. Leave a comment to ask us. And get an answer.


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