How to Download and Install Minecraft-Pocket Edition Without Jailbreak

If you dream it you can build it, that is what Minecraft is all about. The fun game allows you to build blocks, buildings by using your imaginations limits. Get your foot into the game, where you got endless possibilities to create anything, anywhere and anytime by playing Minecraft-pocket edition game. This is an award-winning game and has been downloaded about millions of the times, you might have played the game already, but by purchasing and paying the amount. In this post, you will get the game without paying anything. Stick in here do not rush around, and read the full post.

Minecraft-pocket editions game mods:

Minecraft is a unique world, where you can fulfill the dreams of creating or building the gigantic building, even can build an Aphal tower. Turn the Apple device into the magical construction box, and block and create the masterpiece using your creativity

There are two different mods of the game, you can switch anytime to the other mode if feeling bored or not getting interested in one mode of the game.

  • Creative mode allows you to create the limitless and endless building by using the imagination and use all the resources to your advantages
  • Survival mode allows you to build weapons to wipe off the monsters which are finding you to hunt you down. You are going to use the skills of building in creating weapons to kill all of them.

Survival mode of the game is more loved compare to the creative mode, by the game geeks. You can play both the modes, but in Survival, you got to fight with the foes by creating weapons, bombs, pistols, and also need to create the shelter home, where you can live without of any danger of enemies.

Download and install Minecraft, no need to jailbreak

By following the method which I am going to narrate in next few lines, you can easily download and install Minecraft-Pocket edition without jailbreaking on your iPhone/iPod.

  • Open your Safari browser and click on this link
  • Tap on the regular as mentioned in the image

install minecraft pocket edition

  • Now, tap on the download button

And install this application on your Apple device. Hope you will get this app installed on the device.

Launch this app on the device, but it will show a message of an untrusted device, you need to change some setting on your device.

  • Now, cancel this untrusted message, and go to setting > General> Scroll down a little > tap on profile and device management > Winner Media option > tap on trust ” Winner media co” > Trust. 
  • Now, search your desired application there, in our case Minecraft Pocket edition, search it and get it
  • It will be installed on your device, now when you will start playing this Minecraft game, it also can show the same error which we countered in the installing of the first application, Tutuapp.

minecraft pocket edition

Go to the setting again, tap on the device, and tap on the same profiles and device management option.

This time you will see the option of new app developer, tap on that

And again tap on the trust tab give to the next windows. And after that, you are going to tweak around the Apple device. This is the premium application, but one can play this Minecraft-pocket edition without of paying nothing on iPhone/iPad.

Freedom to build anything

This Minecraft iOS allows you to play the game, hunt the monsters down, and build the magical building using the imagination and you’re inbuilt creativity what you got within you.

Especially the survival mode, and in survival mode you can have more and more levels, where your skills of making yourself alive will be polished to a new level. Hope you are going to like this if you find anything which is not allowing you to install this app on your device, do comment in the comment section.