How to download and install Real Racing 3 iOS11


Real Racing 3 is a full packed racing game, the third installment of the franchise Electronic Arts. The impressive game put you on the driving seat, and provide you the chance to drive one of the best vehicles in the world. Though, at the start of the game, when you got no Gold or coins, you need to select the vehicle from the limited stock. As you develop the skills in racing, you will unlock the better vehicle to compete in the game with other players, in more challenging courses and races. The feature which is loved by the millions of the fans, the customizable control over the game, you got as much and less control over your vehicles as you want. Automatic acceleration and brake addition have already added flavors in the game, but if you are a newbie and got no experience of playing this game, turn off this feature and control all aspect of the game yourself.

Real racing 3 iOS

After launching of this version of Real racing series, the game has become hotter and faster. You can say it the real racing game, or the closed to the realism, in every shape.

There are more than one track and events you can enter into and participate as a player, upgrade the car and have a new flashy designed vehicle. But, you need to pay for the vehicle or win the battle of the race and earn the coins and dollars.  As earning the coins in participating in the different racing events are little harder, competing with the other games geeks is not a childish thing.

But, if you do not want to compete in the racing to have some coins in the bucket, you can complete the game on a regular basis and can add coins by purchasing them. But, while playing the game, if you want some coins in the middle of the race, some buttons might hurdle in it, and you will have to press the pause button more than one time to get some response.

How to download and install Real racing 3 iOS11

You easily can download and install this game, as I mentioned above in the post, you have no need to pay any amount to download the Real Racing 3 game on your Apple device. This game is listed in the free games. But, to add coins in the game or to unlock some premium features of the game, you will have to pay an amount, there are different other methods than to hack the coins or money in the game

  • Simply tap on App store, hope you got an Apple ID
  • Tap on the search button on the bottom of the page
  • And tap on the top-right corner of the search bar
  • Where you can search any game which you want to download on Apple device
  • Search for the game, using Real racing 3
  • And you will see a list of the game, regarding racing, tap on real racing 3
  • And tap on Get it option
  • The downloading of the game will start, and within some minutes you will see real racing 3 has been installed on Apple device

As I mentioned, you can have this game free, to add coins you need to use some tactics, if you do not want to pay the developers.

Features of Real Racing 3 game

  • Real Racing 3 is an award-winning game, this franchise has set a new standard in mobile racing games
  • This game got about 200 million downloads, I think this would be enough to know the worth of a game
  • This franchise was awarded best action, adventure, Arcade and racing game
  • Real-time multiplayer game mode can add more than one friends in the game
  • 43 car grids
  • 140 different registered and licensed cars from the top manufacturers
  • Night mode can give you the amusement in playing the game in nights
  • Complete customizable control over the game
  • Social Leaderboards
  • Extremely high quality and 3D graphics look like real racing
  • Different 17 tracks with real-life worldwide locations
  • Participate in the different cups racing, 40,000 different events, and with cross-platform playing of the game are icing on the cake

I am sure, you are going to have great amusement by playing this Real Racing 3 iOS 11 on iPhone and iPod. If you got any problems while installing this game or playing the game, you should comment down in the section.