How to fix an iPhone,iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

While attempting to update your iPhone or iPad using DFU mode or while restoring your iDevice you may get stuck in recovery mode.

Recovery mode error is not device dependant.Even if you are on iPhone 3 or iPhone 5,6+,7,8,X etc you are bound by the laws and errors of Apple and any time during itunes restore you may get stuck at recovery.

This is also called bricking your idevice.While restoring or updating using the DFU mode method, something goes wrong and you see a connect to iTunes error. Even if you turn on or turn off your iPhone you cannot get out of this. This is being stuck in recovery mode.

Check to See If you Really are stuck In Recovery

If you are only seeing a dark screen and you cannot get out of it on your iPhone,iPad then you don’t really have a problem. This is simple device firmware update mode.Use this method to fix this.

  1. Press your Home & Power button at the same time for about 5 Seconds.
  2. Now Release the Home button but keep holding the Power button for 5 seconds.
  3. After some seconds you will see the Apple Logo on your phone’s Screen.
  4. Now release Power button and let the phone turn on normally.

Note :If this method does not work for your and you don’t have the error I described below.You can still use that method to fix this.

However if you are seeing a USB Lead image and an iTunes image then you really have a problem. And this will help you get out of it.

Steps to fix the iPhone 4s Stuck in Recovery mode iOS 7/8:

What You Will Need To Get Out Of Recover Mode Error

You will need to do these following things. Make sure you follow me accurately.Without this you are pretty much stuck with this error.

  • A Windows PC ,Laptop or Mac
  • Recboot Software
Download RecBoot Recovery Software For Mac & Windows (iPhone,iPad-2018)

Download Recboot for Windows • Mac • Linux

Using Recboot to Get out of “Stuck in recovery mode” Easily:

Now that you are confirmed that you are stuck in recovery mode e.g your iPhone screen will be showing a usb lead and iTunes icon on a black screen. Now to exit recovery mode on your iPhone 2,3/4/4s,iPhone 5,5s,5c ,iPhone 6/6+ or any iPad version do the following steps.

  1. Download Recboot Software and unzip it.
  2. Install and start the reboot software
  3. Now connect your iPhone,iPad to the computer
  4. Open Recboot and on recboot.Select the “Exit Recovery Mode” option.
  5. Your Phone will turn off and once powered on, you will bypass the error and see an apple logo.
  6. Your phone will normally start-up without any issues

Remember that it is always good to keep a full backup of your phone. So plug-in iTunes and make a full backup of your iDevice. Better late than never.

Why is recovery or DFU mode used ?

If you were just experimenting and you don’t know this stuff then it is better that you have some knowledge.

DFU or recovery mode is used to successfully restore an iPhone or iPad firmware to its factory settings and the latest apple signed firmware. This is a precautionary method that if something happens to your phone, you should be able to successfully get restore your iDevice to the latest iOS version without any issues.

When you enter recovery or DFU mode you will only see a restore option in iTunes. If you choose that than iTunes will completely restore it. However you will lose all your DATA and other important information that you had on your phone.

Another great feature of this is to remove the jailbreak that you have on your phone. Using this method you can easily remove cydia and jailbreak.You get a fresh, out of the box like smart phone with factory settings. Like the one you got the first time.

If you are having any issues regarding this problem.Don’t forget to comment and ask me.It might save your phone’s life.

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