How to use iMessage on a Windows PC – Step By Step Guide


iMessage is a very reliable application in Apple devices. You can use iMessage on iPhones and Mac. But apple most definitely does not support iMessage on PC Windows. But here we have a hack for you, a guide on how you can use iMessage on your Windows PC.

Because iMessage is not available for Windows or Android, for this hack to work you will need an iPhone Here is a list of things you will need, and why these are necessary.


  1. You are going to need an iPhone or iPad that is jailbroken. This is not going to work without jailbreak. Just because Apple has not yet released iMessage for android or Windows, a jailbreak is required.
  2. The next thing you are going to need is a Cydia Tweak that is called Remote Messages. This tweak is available for free.

Now moving on to the process of making iMessages work on your Windows PC.

How to use iMessage on Windows PC:

  1. Step number one is to purchase the Cydia Tweak on your iPhone. This Cydia Tweak is called Remote Messages. This CydiaTweak is available on the BigBoss Repository for $3.99.

In case you do not have a credit card and you want to have a look before purchasing the tweak, follow these steps below:

  1. In Cydia, tap on the Sources button present in the bottom bar. Here you will have to add a Repository.
  2. Now tap on the “edit” button and press “Add” on the top left corner.
  3. At this point Cydia will ask you to enter the URL of the source. Enter this URL in the given space:  
  4. Now you have to tap on “Add URL” and let Cydia process. After a few seconds a button will appear with the text Return to Cydia. Tap on this.
  5. Press “done” on the right left corner and search for Remote Messages in Cydia.
  6. When this is installed, respring your iPhone. Wait for it to boot.
  7. Go to Settings now and find the option called “Remote Messages”. Tap on it.
  8. The screen that appears now is where you will enable and set access Settings to have iMessages on your PC.

Enable the Remote Messages. Set the login details as per your choice and set up your password.

Displaying iMessage on Pc Screen

Now connect your PC to the same WiFi network that your iPhone is connected to. Look for the IP Adress and Port Number inside Remote Messages Settings. Enter your iPhones IP address and Port in a web browser on your PC. Type it in the following way: for example if the IP address on your phone is and the port is 222 then you will write:

As soon as you type this and enter this URL you will be asked for a username and password. Enter your username that you previously set before in the Remote Messages Settings.

Now you will be able to see all your iMessage messages on PC,Windoes or Mac .Enjoy all the cool features that you had access to on your phone! Good luck

If you run into any Problems.Leave a comment below.


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