Download Immortal~AppSync Alternative for iOS 11 – Install Cracked Apps


Appsync as all you Jailbreak users know. It was in Cydia on earlier jailbreaks. To install and run Cracked apps on iOS , iPhone, iPad which you would get from Cydia, Installous or Appcake. 

Yes, although its not discontinued. An Appsync Update is already running and waiting to be released for iOS 11. But that is until Saurik releases and update for Cydia.

However we don’t need to wait for that. There is another debian package called Immortal which is a 100% appsync alternative iOS 11. You can download Immortal Cydia Tweak, a hacked up alternative for app sync on iOS 11 and below.

Compatibility for iOS 11

Since the originall application syn on is not released Yet. And also Extender is not working on iOS 11. So for sideloading the applications. You will fail. If you try to install more than 3 cracked apps on your iPhone,iPad or iPod. So this is where you will need immortal iPA. 

It is an important appsync cydia tweak for iOS 11 .Although originally it was meant for iOS 10. But it seems to work just fine with the iOS 11 firmware that is currently going on.

Now no more Revokes on Cracked Apps and Tweaks

So this supports. 

 iOS 11-11.1.2 , iOS 10 

Is it Safe ? Alternative for Appsync – Immortal

Well, no and yes. It depends. However a warning for you guys. Do not install it if you are planning to reboot your device after sideloading apps. Including the jailbreak app.  Because all sidelopad apps will stop working after reboot.

However, without reboot. Immortal will keep working and functioning normally. Just fine.

So, i dont know why not you would use this. Maybe just for testing and so.

Whats the worst that could happen. A 2 minuite time to sideload your apps again with cydia impactor ? Thats it.

There is a huge controversy. Some say it works just fine after a restart of the iphone,ipad or ipod. However for some it does not.

Note : Use Immortal Tweak for iOS 10, 11 as a temporary replacement. Not a full replacement for appsync or ext3nder.

  • If your not into a cydia less jailbreak version of iOS 11. Then you shoud try and install LiberiOS Jailbreak.


Compatible Devices for Immortal Tweak

  1. iPhone 5s
  2. iPhone 6
  3. iPhone 6 Plus
  4. iPhone 6s
  5. iPhone 6s Plus
  6. iPhone SE
  7. iPhone 7
  8. iPhone 7 plus
  9. iPad Air
  10. iPad Air 2
  11. iPad Pro
  12. iPad mini 2
  13. iPad mini 3
  14. iPad mini 4
  15. iPod touch 6appsync alternative immortal


Here is a step by step method.

  1. First Unzip the Debian Package on your Phone.
  2. Now navigate to Library : Mobile Substrate : DynamicLibraries.
  3. From here. Transfer dylib and plist files to bootstrap/Library/SBInject folder.
  4. Now Respring your iPhone,iPad or iPod.
  5. Now you will get a popup notification for ” Immortal is Active ” tweak.  Tap on OK.

This will ensure that you have successfully done the tutorial. And Immortal is Installed.

If you have any questions. Comment for Us.


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