How to Install Cydia Tweaks on your iPhone with Electra toolkit – iOS 11 – 11.1.2

Electra allows you to run themes but also easily helps in installing Cydia Tweaks manually. Read ahead to lear how you can use Electra to install Cydia Tweaks.

How Can Electra let you Install Tweaks?

The Electra developer toolkit has a complete Anemone theming support but a limited tweak support. This limited tweak support is because it uses a substrate alternative – Comex’s Substitute. The jailbreak tweaks are written for Cydia Substrate, so as the Substitute is new, developers will need some time to get their tweaks adapted to this new framework.

Basically when this toolkit was first released, it was for developers and hackers. But some of the developers who have tried are yet to write an update or review on it.

Important Things to Remember:

  • This tutorial is only for developers and advanced users. If you are a beginner, do not get involved in anything that has SSH or filesystem access.
  • This guide has been tested with the Barrel tweak. If you are trying to install other tweaks it will be on your own risk.
  • Everything has been previously tested on the Windows Operating System. In case you own a Mac you can make necessary adjustments where it seems possible.
  • Heres how you can manually sign and install jailbreak tweaks with Electrs and Cygwin toolkit. We will mention how to install Barrel Springboard tweak on your device.


  • A 64-bit iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
  • The Electra jailbreak toolkit
  • Windows PC or Mac
  • Debian package of the desire tweak
  • Cygwin (for Windows)
  • Idid2 (for Mac OS)
  • iOS Toolchain for Windows
  • 7Zip
  • iTerminal


How to Sign and Install Jailbreak Tweaks on iOS 11 – 11.1.2

1.      Sign Binary Files:

Download and Install the Cygwin terminal on your PC.

Now install the iOS Toolchain for windows from this link. Transfer the following folders inside this archive to Cygwin’s directory. If Windows asks you to copy duplicate files, click “Yes”.

  • Bin
  • Include
  • Lib
  • Libexec
  • Share

Now download the Debian package of Barrel from .Open the .deb fil using 7Zip. Extract the contents of data.tar archive to any location you want on your PC.

You will get the following three folders:

Electra only works if you manually sign binaries which have .dylib extension or no extensions. You do not have to sign the .plist files.

Here is a list of binary files that you would need:

  • BarrelSettings (Applications/ folder)
  • threedeeboard.dylib (Library/MobileSubstrate)
  • threedeeprefs (PreferenceBundles/threedeeprefs.bundle folder)
  • a1504837361 (tmp folder)
  • b1504837361 (tmp folder)

Now open the Cygwin64 Terminal from your PC.

Go to the location where you extracted the previous folders. Open the folders where the binary files are present.

Run the following command in each of the folders. Ensure you press enter/return key after each command.

“Idid –S <drag binary file here>

If you get through without any errors that means your binary file has been successfully signed.

2.     Transferring Tweaks to your Device:

At first establish an SFTP session using WinSCP client. Use these details:

  • Host name: Wifi IP Address (you can get this value from Settings by tapping the “i” next to your Wifi network)
  • Port –22 or 2222
  • User Name –root
  • Password –alpine

Press Login to get access to the root filesystem of your device.

  • Navigate to Library and: Copy the contents of the MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries to /bootstrap/Library/SbInject/
  • Copy contents of PreferenceBundles to /bootstrap/PreferenceBundles
  • Copy contents of PreferenceLoader to /bootstrap/PreferenceLoader

3.     Manually Restart SpringBoard:

Last of all set Barrel animation to none from its Settings section on your device

Establish an SSH connection using iTerminal App Store application. The values of the connection will remain the same as above.

Run this command in the terminal: “killall -9 SpringBoard”

Your device will respring. This is going to apply all the changes to your device.

Select any SpringBoard animation from Barrel’s Settings section.

Download All the Compatible and Incompatible Tweaks for Electra Jailbreak

Here is a full list of all the cydia tweaks you can install and run on your iOS 11 – 11.1.2 with using Electra Jailbreak.

Download using the list below directly on your computer and install using the above method.



  • Applist (requires proper symlinks)
  • BatteryStatusBar (bug in color settings)
  • BLOARD (bugs in screenshots and camera app)
  • CustomCarrier (disables power and home buttons)
  • DetailedBatteryUsage (“Show daemons” feature is not working)
  • DetailedPowerUsage (“Show daemons” feature is not working)
  • FingerTouch (Switcher is broken, hold and double tap gestures are not working properly)
  • Moveable9 (doesn’t work system-wide, not compatible with iPhone X)
  • Noctis11 Beta (available for Patreon users only, minor bugs)
  • NudeKeys (system-wide support missing)
  • RoundDock (adaptable dock feature is not working)
  • SwipeSelection
  • SpeedIntensifier
  • Taptic Keys (not working on 3rd-party applications)
  • UsageBarX (works only with stock applications)


  • 5IconDock
  • Activator
  • AdvancedSettings 8
  • AppSync (completely incompatible)
  • Aeternum Hives
  • Aquaboard
  • BetterFiveIconDock
  • BioProtect
  • ColorBadges
  • Colorflow 3
  • Croutons
  • CleanSheets2
  • Dissident
  • DataMeter
  • Dotter
  • EQE
  • FreeFall
  • Force3DTouch
  • GameGem
  • GoodWIfi
  • HotDog
  • HiddenSettings7
  • HouseArrestFix
  • Iconizer
  • Iconoclasm
  • Instagram++
  • JailProtect
  • LockHTML4 (completely broken)
  • LockGlyphX (PreferenceLoader error)
  • LocalIAPStore
  • Liberty
  • mCast
  • MImport (gets stuck on importing music)
  • NetworkList
  • Noctis
  • NoSub
  • NoSlowAnimations
  • Palert
  • PdaNet
  • Phantom For Snapchat
  • PowerTap
  • Peek-a-Boo
  • PreferMyfi 2
  • StatusVol2
  • StatusSwitcher
  • Sleek’n’Bouncy10
  • Sleekcode
  • Sonus
  • Speedy
  • Speed Intensifier
  • SpecialFaces
  • Springtomize 4 (requires update)
  • TetherMe
  • TinyBar
  • Touchr (crashes)
  • Watusi
  • WakeTunes (sends iPhone into Safe mode)
  • YoutubeVolume

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