How to Play PlayStation Games on iPhone – Without Jailbreak on iOS 11


A lot of people have been requesting to find a hack that lets them play PlayStation games straight on their iPhones. That too without jailbreaking their iPhones. So here is a tutorial where you will learn how to play PlayStation games on your iPhone.


You might find this guide a little a tricky because it involves a third-party app that you will not be able to find on the app store. But we hope best that you find your way through this. Here is a list of things you will require:

  • A computer. It can be a PC or a Mac, which ever is available
  • A WiFi connection which you can connect to you iPhone and computer
  • The game file of the PlayStation game that you want to play on your iPhone.iphone-playstation-games-no-jailbreak

First Install the PlayStation Emulator on iOS :

  • First go to Settings > Safari and clear all the data there. This will help disable the pop up ads.
  • Now open this link in Safari. It will take you to the tweak box installer.
  • Click on the apps tab, present at the top of the page and then click on “Tweakbox apps” from the next page.

  • Here select “Provenance” from the list of apps.
  • Tap on the red Install button and wait for a pop up. The pop up will ask if you want to install Provenance. Click on Install.
  • You can now go back to the home screen and wait for installation to complete.
  • Now, go to Settings > General > Profiles. Here you have to Trust the developer profile of Guangzhou Huimei.

Prepaing your PlayStation Emulator – For iOS

Once the PlayStation Emulator is installed, on your iOS 11 device, you will have to prepare it.

Your device won’t support the PlayStation Emulator by default, but you can install some binaries that will change this setting,

  1. Other than the Provenance emulator, you need to download some binaries. The binaries will be installed in the Provenance emulator. These will enable the emulator to accept PlayStation games.
  2. Here are links to some binaries:
  1. Open the links mentioned above on Safari from your iPhone and wait. It will download the file and present an option for you to open the file from a selection of apps. From the list of “Open It” select Provenance.
  2. Now open the settings in Provenance. Select the “Refresh Game Library”. Follow it for all the three of the binaries.

Once you have completed these steps, for all the binaries, your iPhone now will enable you to play PlayStation games.

Loading a Game onto your Playstation Emulator

  • Download the game that you desire to play on your iPhone, on to your computer.
  • If you get the game file in a zip or rar file, before loading it on the Provenance Emulator, you will need to extract it. After they are extracted, you will get these file:


  • Launch Provenance on your iPhone and press the Add (+0) button. This is going to enable the web server of Provenance so you can transfer the files via WiFi.
  • Now, open the given IP address on your computer in a web browser, It will be something like this: 168.5.215.

  • When you open this page it will appear something like this:
  • Here you will have to create a new folder and name it “com.provenance.psx” Do this on the main directory of Provenance on your computer. Use the green button for a new folder.

  • When the folder is created, open it and click on the blue button which says “Open File”.
  • Select all the files you extracted from the game zip. Press Enter. Wait while all the files upload, then you can close the browser and disconnect.
  • Now lastly, stop the server, launch Provenance settings and press on “Refresh Game Library”. Go back to the main screen of Provenance and there you will find the game !
Video Tutorial

Credits : DinoZambas2

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