iPhone X Automatically Shuts Down/BootLoop/Stuck in Boot-Fix


A couple of months ago, I bought for about 1300$ an iPhone X. A new joy for me as I have always been a fan of Apple. No offence to android users but I just love iOS.

So after I bought my iPhone, it was brand new. Never used before, here in Pakistan. I was so eager to use it. And after activation, transferred him the money and took it back home.

The iOS Version on New iPhone

The iOS version when I unboxed it was I guess 11.2 .But it depends on the manufacturing date of the iPhone. Some may have 11.2.1, depending on the date they were created and what iOS Version was public then.

iPhone X Turned Off Automatically

It was about night when I got it. The night I updated it and slept. Next day when I woke up. My iPhone X did not woke me. My alarm did not go on. I checked my phone. It was Off. I was a bit curious. As nothing I did to shut down my iPhone before I slept.

So considering it a battery or any issue. I just turned it on and then moved on.

It started working fine without any errors and I was exploring it. The same day , I went back from my classes, and at around 3 PM. When it was on charge. I came to see it. It was again Off. I was furious and at the same time sad. As it was a new iPhone X and was shutting down automatically.

Well, I am somewhat an Apple Pro kind of guy. I thought to my self, it must be a software issue. After reading some forums and question answers on the web.

To Fix ,Installed the newest Firmware via iTunes

And so I did. It was iOS 11.2.6. Installed it through DFU mode. Imported settings contacts again. And hoped for the best that it should resolve my issue.

Started Using it again.

Shutdown was not only the Issue, Boot Loop on iPhone X happened

Automatic shutdown was not an issue I was concerned about. When it turned off by itself. It was very hard to turn it on. Neither it went to DFU mode. Neither it was resetting.

So I looked up online for how to exit boot on iOS. And for how to turn on black screen on iPhone. And found that you can hard reset by pressing all the buttons in a specific manner.

I was able to find a pattern. Which let me turn on the iPhone. So in a way I had four issues.

  1. iPhone turning off automatically
  2. iPhone not turning On
  3. iPhone not entering DFU Mode
  4. iPhone stuck on / not showing apple logo


The thing I was most scared from was that , on most of the places. It said that it was a hardware problem. And Apple will replace the phone for you.

Seems like a good idea ? No. Im in Pakistan. And here there is no customer care center for Apple. The nearest one is in Dubai. I could not afford to go there.

So I just ignored the hardware issue and started solving the software issues.

I could Not Fix iPhone BootLoop and AutoShutdown

No Luck. I could not find a solution. Everything I tried was crap. It even gave me an iTunes screen when it was off .And i tried turning it on using hard reset. Installed software again and again. Even prayed. But no Luck.

So finally, after 2 day, I took it back to the dealer. And told him the issue. He was not exchanging my iPhone.

I think I just wasted a thousand dollars. So so regretfull. He had my phone taken again to the software guy. He installed iOS again. And the retailer said. Now its fixed. Try. I tried to convince him that no, its a hardware problem. Exchange this phone. But he trusted apple I guess. And what could I do.

After 3 hours it happened again

As I was coming back from the retailer. It turned off again. I turned it on. With time it was becoming more and more harder to turn it on when it shut down.

I called the guy saying it happened again. He said ok tomorrow come to my shop.

And so we went. He again installed the software. This time, I was  eagerly convincing him to change my phone. And he said. That the box is open. You have updated this phone. I cannot return or exchange it. It was about 3 days that went by.

I was crying in my heart. Why did I buy this fukng iPhone. Wasted my money. Luckily the same day. I brought my 5 friends to threaten the guy. As one of my friends dad was in the rangers.

That did help a bit. And he was scared a bit.

What stuff they were saying that caused the issue

He was saying crap like. Sir, you updated your phone OTA. And your speed was too less. Thats why this error came. Happens to every iPhone.

I said no the speed was good. Then he said. Since the speed was too much. Thats why the issue was caused. The packets sent and recieved blah blah blah. I was like this close in slapping his face. He was saying stuff like apple’s updates are not good. Don’t update OTA. Only iTunes. From a software guy in the market etc.

Well after threatning and fighting with him. The other person we bought the phone from said come tomorrow lets work a deal.

So we went to him. He cut about 160$ .And I gave him the phone back. So I got my 1114$ from him and lost about 160$ in three days. Without my fault.

After That

I still love iPhone. So I put in from my pocket again the money and got a new iPhone X for 1320$ .256 GB in Silver.

And its working fine.

Solution to the iPhone X Problem

If your phone is not working fine and having boot loop, Auto shut down, not turning on issues. Or Stuck on apple logo.

And you have tried updating the software and resetting your iPhone X.

Then guys. Trust me, its a hardware issue and you cannot do anything about it.

Take it to apple care center. They will replace it for you.

If you do not have a franchise. Then return it to the dealer and buy a new one. Or get a samsung galaxy s9+ .Its better in terms of warranty claim and customer care support.


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