Top 100 Cydia Tweaks for unc0ver Jailbreak iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2


Uncover is one of the latest jailbreak available that adds support for former as well as the latest devices. It supports iOS 11 and iOS 12.  Hopefully, they’ll still work when iOS 13 comes out.

Today ,we have a record breaking list of top 100 best cydia tweaks which are compatible with your version of the iPhone,iPad,iPod or iOS 12-12.1.2-12.2-13. Working with unc0ver jailbreak.

Before installing anything, you should keep in mind that you have to do jailbreak. After that can you only succesfully try out any of these apps. To do so, simply go to our blog section and check out any related article that suits you. To install Cydia.

Top 100 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 12-12.1.2 (List)top 100 cydia tweaks

Here is a list of the best 100 Cydiatweaks for your iPhone,iPad or iPod. Please check them out and install them. See for your self and give us the reviews.

  1. HS.Ryu_006 Fluid Widget – Fluid Widget
  2. Clean Home Screen – Clean home screen elements
  3. ByeSeparatorsCell – no separators in lists
  4. ShowTouch – display finger movements on screen recordings
  5. PrimaFolder – Replaces folder icon with first app icon.
  6. Exsto – Apex 2-style folders.
  7. NaturalDeleteDismiss – Tap on home screen to leave editing mode.
  8. PowerModule – Power platter in Control Center.
  9. Perseus – Picture in Picture on iPhone X.
  10. BetterCCXI – Change sizes of Control Center platters and add a Weather platter.
  11. Clean Home Screen – Remove page dots, icon labels and more!
  12. Duo – Second page on Control Center.
  13. Floating Dock – iPad style dock for iPhone.
  14. NoBannerName – Hide Banner and Widget names – BigBoss
  15. Adagio – App switcher alternative – BigBoss
  16. WidgeExtend – Extends all widgets by default – D4ni
  17. ChromaHomeBarX – Chroma home bar – BigBoss
  18. Palette – Colorize Widgets & Notifitions – PackiX
  19. LowPowerDND – Turns on DND while in LPM
  20. Disconnected – Displays a banner when disconnected from wifi
  21. WishDia – Create a wish list in cydia
  22. Evanesco – iCons fade on home screen
  23. Lock Plus Pro – Custom Lock Screens
  24. Boxy 3 – Custom iCon Layout on homescreen
  25. Small Siri – Minimalistic Siri. (Free
  26. Notchification – Custom notification animations. (Paid)
  27. Better Settings – Complete Settings app overhaul. (Free)
  28. Classic Dock for iPhone X – iPhone 8 dock for iPhone X. (Free)
  29. ModernXI – Modern notification look. (Free)
  30. SpinXI – Custom music widget. (Paid)
  31. Call Bar X – Minimalistic in-call screen. (Paid)
  32. Stylish 11 – Customize system settings. (Free)
  33. Compatimark – Highlights compatible packages in Cydia. (Free)
  34. Nougat – Android-style Control Center. (Free)
  35. SquareCode – Adjust passcode button radius. (Free)
  36. PlaceHolder – Adds an icon for tweaks without one in Settings app. (Free)
  37. SmartVolumeControl2 – Multiple volume Hud options. (Paid)
  38. PhotoLockDown – Lock Photos when sharing with others. (Paid)
  39. Power Tap 2 – Power down options. (Free)
  40. Swipe2Hide – Swipe away the dock and status bar. (Free)
  41. DockInSwitcher – Places default dock in multitasking switcher.
  42. Hue Widget – Control Hue lights from lock screen and home screen.
  43. LiveFish – Bring back live fish wallpapers.
  44. Send Delay – Delay sending text message (to confirm content).
  45. Bubbles – Customize Messages app.
  46. SugarCane – Volume rocker percentage in Control Center.
  47. PowerDownOptions – Slide to Respiring / Reboot / ShutDown.
  48. SilentScreenShot – No indication of screenshot.
  49. Short look – notifications at a glance.
  50. Melior – A New volume HUD Experience.
  51. BetterShutDown – Adds more options when powering down.
  52. Flame – Customize Cydia colors.
  53. Tweak Count 2 – Displays total number of installed packages.
  54. Bloard / Nude Keys – Keyboard customization tweaks.
  55. Translucent Cydia – Blurred install Screen.
  56. SwipeForMore – Quickly queue up packages for install.
  57. HideBarX – Hides iPhone X bar at bottom of screen.
  58. Jumper – Customizable lock screen toggles (quick access for cydia).
  59. Fluid Enabler – iPhone X gestures on older phones
  60. Good Bye Cover Art / Artsy – Album art on LS / CC
  61. Tractor – More Useful Music Widget
  62. Real CC – Turn off WiFi / Bluetooth permanently
  63. Translucent Messages – Blurred Bg in Messages app.
  64. iCleanerPro – Clean iOS File System
  65. Traverse – 3D Touch Settings App for Actions
  66. No Sim – Disable “No Sim” Notification
  67. NoMoreAppBar – Disables App Bar in Messages
  68. MitsuhaXI – Music Visualizer on Spotify, Apple Music, CoverSheet
  69. DoubleTapLock – Tap Between iCons on HS to Lock Device
  70. XenHTML – Add HTML Widgets to homescreen
  71. LeadMeHome – Find App Location on HS via Spotlight Search
  72. Pull to Respring – Pull down in settings to respring
  73. Noctis12 – Dark Theme for System UI Elements
  74. Eclipse iOS 12 – Dark Theme for Apps (General)
  75. BarMoji – Emojis on Bar
  76. Bazzi – Battery Percentage & Notch
  77. EzSwipe – Easily Access CC on iPhone X.
  78. FastUnlockX – Open iPhone X After Successfully Face ID Scan
  79. NoBetaExpire – Disable Annoying “Beta Warning” Prompt
  80. Bioprotect – Lock apps with face / touch id
  81. WeatherLock – Display weather animations on HS / LS
  82. Music Dock X – Music under dock on iPhone X
  83. Music Bar – Music Bar Under dock on iPhone X
  84. BatteryPercentX – Show battery percentage on iPhone x
  85. Dark GMaps: Dark Mode for Google Maps.
  86. IGOLED: Dark Mode for Instagram.
  87. MoonShine: Watch OS charging style.
  88. MoreFrequentlyUsedEmoji: Add More frequently used emoji.
  89. SugarCane – Volume rocker percentage in Control Center.
  90. SilentScreenShot – No indication of screenshot.
  91. Malipo – Change power charging sound (artificial AirPower).
  92. BarinProgress – Shows sending text bar.
  93. CCClearModulesBG – Removes Control Center modules’ backgrounds.
  94. Bloard – Dark Keyboard
  95. SnowBoard – iOS 12 Themes
  96. Mytitlewidgetname: Name your widgets on widget page.
  97. DarkSounds: Dark Mode for Music app.
  98. DarkPhotos: Dark Mode for Photos.
  99. Notchification – Notch Notifications
  100. PencilChargingIndicator – Apple Pencil Style Charging indications.


Best Cydia Sources for iOS 12 – UncOver Jailbreak

Installing tweaks directly from the web is impossible. For this people are using Cydia and cydiasources. First you’ll need to add these repositories by using Add Source.  Then cydiarepos will install on your phone, making you gain access to cracked apps and tweak.

To do so, simply go to your cydia application, tap on Sources at the bottom. Now tap on Edit and Add.

Tip:  To install all the repos at once, using a list. Then install Flame from cydia. It will enable you to copy all the repositories that are listed below and allow them to install at the same time, saving you time and hard work.


tweaked apps on iOS 12 without cydia/jailbreak

Tweaks and Cracked Apps without Jailbreak

Here is an additional info about today’s topic. If you dont want to jailbreak and install cydia. But you do want only free cracked apps or games. Then that is also possible. All we have to do is go to our iPA section, or Direct install section. Then find out the app or game that we need. Install them using the method in the article.

That’s it. Some apps can be directly install while some will require you CydiaImpactor. But both the methods are easy for installing your cracked applications or games.

For example

iPA Library : Click Here

Direct Install 1-Touch Apps : Click Here


Thats it for this post. There are alot of apps and games that you will gather from this list. I hope that you like this list of top 100 cydia tweaks for iOS 12.

Please like share and give us your reviews in the comments.


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