Download and Install TweakBox for 12 [How To]

Today is all about how to install and use TweakBox on iPhone or iPad. If you are not aware. It is a mobile app installer for iOS. Which can be used to have access to applications and games not available on the Apple’s Appstore.tweakbox ios 12

TweakBox will provide you with the original applications, that have been modified or tweaked to give users more preference and features. Because for iOS 12 Tweakbox holds tha apps mostly ,so installing them is very simple. This is a complete review and guide for Tweak Box.

What is TweakBox ?

It is a freeware app. That holds in its directory many modified applications. Which users can download and install, without the need of jailbreak or cydia. It even houses the famous electra jailbreak. Which you can use to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad without the need of Cydia Impactor or PC.

Some of other popular downloads from TweakBox iOS 12 includes Kodi, Moviebox, Showbox, Popcorn Time and ++apps. Install TweakBox ios

How To Download & Install TweakBox Online ?

The following guide will show you step by step method of complete installation. This can be done if you are on iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10 or iOS 1x.x.x versions. The same will work for the installation of Tweak Box on an iPad or iPod also.

So lets get on with out TweakBox Download iOS 11/12.

Steps : 

1. On your iDevice. Go to

2. Now tap on Download App Option.

3. Now you will see a Pop up. Asking you to “ignore” or “allow”. Tap on “Allow”.

4. Now you will see your settings open up. From here . On the top right . Click on “Install”.

5. If you have pass code on, you may require to enter it. Enter your pass code to confirm installation.

6. Now tap on Install option again.

7. That is it. Click Done. Tweakbox is fully installed on your iOS 12 /iOS 11 device. 

8. Now ,return to your application menu or home screen and search for Tweak Box. A new icon will be there. 

When you run the app. You will see different sections. Select the “Apps” section and now you have different choices to install random tweaked and modified apps on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Use TweakBox ?

As you can see in the above picture. There are many categories provided which you can avail. These are not normal as you will not find these apps on the appstore or any other place. Which can simply be installed without Jailbreak or Cydia. Just with a one touch source.
These categories include Appstore Apps, TweakBox Apps, Tweaked Apps, and Hacked Games.


Just like android. Many apps being hosted by Tweak Box require us to allow apps from unknown developers. That is not a problem. We can allow it easily. Just follow these steps.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click General.
  3. Choose Profiles & Device Management.
  4. Click the text located underneath Enterprise App.
  5. Click Trust.
  6. When prompted, tap on Trust again.

Once that is done. You are now able to use all the apps from this cracked app store without any issues. step by step tweakbox install download

Benefits of TweakBox iOS 12

Personally, I am using it .And its a very useful application to have on your iPhone or iPad. This will help you get things very quickly and easily. For example, if you want to jailbreak. Just simply search for jailbreak or go to the category. You will find all the jailbreaks available. And use them by just tapping on install.

Other apps are also available. Like whatsapp++ ,Snapchat++, Spotify++.  No need for cydia. However you can not install themes or other advanced tweaks. Only a handful of software is available. Which they approve and host.

But the good thing is ,every game or app is working. You can be sure of it. Because TweakBox for iOS 11 or iOS 12 is a reliable source. Used by million of users around the world.

If you are into gaming. The hacked games category is best for you. Full of free games and hacks which are paid on the appstore. You can get without any hassle here. These include emulators, streaming apps such as Kodi and Popcorn Time, & much more.

Is TweakBox Safe ?

Yes, I’ve been using it for months now. And I dont see any harm come to my phone. I guess it is pretty safe. Try it for yourself once.

By : TheRedX RL

If you have any issues, comment below. And we will sort out the solution together. Don’t hesitate. Please like and share.

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