Tweaked Apps on iPhone Without Jailbreak -iOS 11/12 How To Guide 2018


One of the best things after the iPhone release is the Jailbreak. But good things come with a catch.  Every iOS version does not have jailbreak. You will be unable to install cydia in it. There are many sites on the web. Explaining you to get cydia using some online stuff. But it is fake. They just make you download an app or make a bookmark of their site.

By jailbreak you get cydia. In cydia you have many tweaks.  Which allows you to have an extra ordinary experience on your iPhone or iPad. But what to do if I don’t receive a jailbreak for my specific iOS version ? That is what I am going to tell you.

tweaked apps on iPhone without jailbreak

What if I tell you that you can get many tweaked apps and games on your iPhone without Jailbreak or Cydia ? Yes, its true.

Recently, the iOS 11 Electra Jailbreak was targeted which made most of the Tweaked apps installers to stop working. While I was searching for an alternative, I found many methods, which I am sharing with all of you guys.

Gettings Tweaked Apps on iPhone without Jailbreak – No PC Needed !

This guide is working for iOS 11, iOS 12.

1st Method : iPA Download Sites

The first method is using OTA installers . Using an iPA download site or library. To download iPA apps for iOS ,++tweaks and games. To directly download them and install without any jailbreak or cydia. This is by far the simplest method to download and install tweaked apps without Pc or Jailbreak on iPhone. And the best part is that they are regularly updated.

tweaked apps on iOS 12 without cydia/jailbreak

Don’t worry , I’ll tell you an iPA library from where you can get many famous Tweaked Apps like Cercube & Snapchat++, Jailbreak apps like Electra Installer & Pangu, Emulators like GBA4iOS& Name4iOS.

Just open the app you want to install, and tap on Install on device. It will start installing on your iPhone . Just after installation. Trust if from settings ,profiles.

The Best iPA Library is : iPSWBETA’s iPA Library

The Best Direct Apps Source : 1-Touch Apps

Another Amazing IPA Apps Library:

2nd Method: 3rd Party AppStore

The 2nd and best method is to download a free tweaked app store from the web. And Use it to get free ++ and tweaked apps . Without Jailbreak or cydia. It supports fully iOS 11 and iOS 12. The best part is that you can get electra and pangu like jailbreak apps from there. Without having to separately download iPA and installing using cydia impactor.

The List of apps you can download to get free paid apps, games, and ++tweaks are as under.

  1. vShare App Store
  2. TutuApp Vip App Store
  3. TweakBox (Tweaked App Store)
  4. HiPStore
  5. Ignition Fun

I have written in detail about these certain app stores. How to install them and benefit from them. And full features of these app stores. They are certainly the best ,as like android. Apple does not allow us to get any app from the web or any developer. So they aid a lot. Without having the need to install cydia or be frustrated waiting for the release of a jailbreak.

  • How to Download and Install vShare – Here
  • How to Download and Install TUTUapp Vip – Here
  • How to Download and Install TweakBox – Here
  • Best vShare Alternatives – Here

Please I advise you to read all of them and then choose which one suits you the best.

Video Tutorial

Video credits: DinoZambas2 (YouTube Channel)


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