What is vShare and How to Install it – Guide without Jailbreak 2019


What Is A vShare App?

vShare is one of the best applications installers for iOS and Android, this got most of its downloads in 2018. This installer, the vShare offers games and apps for your iOS devices which you cannot get via App Store. Basically, these apps are the modified apps with some additional features, you can get the plus-plus apps e.g. SnapChat++ or Instagram++ apps. vShare is easy to use third-party app store you just need to have a strong internet connection in your device or PC.

Follow us in this tutorial where we have shown a step by step process for vShare download, how to use it as well.

Initially, this was only being able to be installed on jailbroken devices, the Cydia users must be familiar to this term vShare for iOS. A repo was needed to add in Cydia to make it available, that time it was available as an external library with tweaks, games. But now it is available for both iOS devices with jailbreak or without jailbreak.

Is vShare Safe?

Although vShare is a third party app store and it is around since a long time for downloading paid apps and games for free. Not all the games are available there to download but the popular ones are available. Well, saving money is the biggest advantage you can get using vShare for iOS. It does slow in between, sometimes their server lags and also there are problem with the apps.

Since the last 2 years, it has been more reputable and reliable to enjoy free stuff. When you’re using it, it takes a longer time to download apps as compared to the Apple App Store. It isn’t a serious problem when you are downloading paid apps for free and there is no revoke, no certificates to those applications!

It basically registers your device and then you can install applications. I myself using this since a long time and it’s a completely safe apps installer, even the Apple itself knows about this and hasn’t done anything to it yet. You have to trust the developer of this app when you’re downloading it, below is the step by step procedure for vShare download.

Top Features vShare Comes With

  • You can choose for a free or a paid version
  • It does support for all the firmware versions and iOS devices
  • It got hundreds and thousands of free apps and games
  • You can choose the modified apps like and Instagram++, Snapchat++, Spotify++.
  • There are a lot of modified games like Pokémon Go++, having some extra features than the App Store.
  • It is not available for iOS only, it has some Android apps as well.
  • One of the easiest third-party apps installers to use.

Step By Step Download vShare for iOS Devices

Before following this vShare download and installation process, make sure you’ve installed the latest version for iTunes in your computer. You can download the latest version for iTunes from here

Step 1: After you have the latest iTunes, go to vShare Website and click on vShare.exe to download the setup.

Step 2: after the download is complete, right-click the setup and select “run as administrator”. Sometimes when you run the setup, you may see a box stating that few applications will be installed along with vShare itself. There is no harm in doing that, however, you can also uncheck the installations of third-party apps with it.

Step 3: Kindly run through the process and when the installation for vShare is completed, open it. After opening it may ask you to install the drivers first, download those as well and reboot the computer. Take a look in the pic below.vshare for iOS

Step 4: After that, connect your device via a USB cable to your computer, a trust popup will appear on your device, trust this application to use it. After the device is connected, a new screen will appear on your computer, select install vShare from there. Installation for vShare will be started on your device’s home screen.vShare iOS11

How To Use vShare

After the installation is complete. Open the vShare for iOS and search for an application in the search bar. After you search for that you’ll see in the searched list that under every app, App Store is written. That is the indication that you currently are not authorized. Now kill the app and move to your computer and click on Reauthorization button. Then relaunch your vShare in your device.

Now when you search for an application in it from your mobile you’ll notice the App Store in longer there under the app name.This means you’re authorized.

For installing applications, hit the Apps tab on your computer in vShare software, then click on the app to the left side and search for any app and game, it’ll show it is available in the vShare for iOS application.vshare download

Just click on the download in front of the searched application, this process will automatically install the application into your device. The process to install modified apps through a computer works a bit faster than downloading directly from vShare for iOS app.

You’ll also get the apps updates you have installed in your device. For updating apps ,you will do that from your computer under update section. All the updates will be available there.

This is how you can download vshare and get paid apps and games for free in your iOS devices. The company has given both options for it, vShare for iOS and for Android as well. If you guys have any query do ask us in the comments below.


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