How to Get vShare iOS 12 Free Without Jailbreak – Full Guide {2019}


This article is a full step by step guide to download and install Vshare on iOS 12. Previously we have seen the procedures for getting it on your iOS 12 and 11. But this is the new update version as of 2019.

vShare is a free appstore for android and iOS devices. Featuring lots of paid apps and games for free. Previously, you may have experienced it. If you are an old iOS user. Then you might have known Installous, or zeusmos. This app is an alternative to that.

Basically you get a third party appstore on your iPhone or iPad. Which you can use to get paid apps for free on your iOS Device. This article will explain about how to install ipa ,vShare and what is VIP and NON-VIP versions of vShare. And whether you can get them or not. On your iOS 12 updated device.

What is Vshare ?

Vshare is an alternative to tutuapp, zestia, zeusmos, installous, linkstore, 25PP etc like apps.

You can use this app as a third party appstore to power your apps and games on your iDevice. Install free applications and games. Which are usually paid on the appstore. No jailbreak, no cydia is required.

It has the feature to sign an app to make it run on your smartphone.

lSo enough of this, lets get on our guide to install vShare on iOS 12 easily.

Does vShare iOS 12 Require Jailbreak ?

Previously, you could only get it if you had cydia. And by adding a source/repo. But now, you can easily get most of the apps without jailbreak. And yes that includes cydia.

So the answer is no. It does not require a jailbreak to install vShare iOS 12 on your iPhone,iPad or iPod.

Can I Install vShare Using the Old Method (Safari) ?

Previously, you could install vShare on your device using just a touch. It would install instantly only the app. But not now. The function has vanished with the new design of v share. Now you could only install it with the help of a software or pc client. Vshare Helper for which you also need a PC.

So No, You can not install it using the old method. Using safari on your Phone.



  1. A PC
  2. An internet connection
  3. An iDevice running iOS 12
  4. A working USB/DATA cable

Step by Step Method to Download and Install vShare iOS 12

Follow these easy steps to make your smartphone life easier.

Step 1:

On your PC or Mac, open browser and go to this Link .Tap on PC Client.

Step 2:

This will start to download vShare Helper on your computer. Let the download to finish.

Step 3:

Now run the setup after the download is complete. vshare ios 12

Step 4:

Now after the installation, run the software client vShare Helper. And then click on Install vShare. This will start installation on your iOS 12 device.Install vShare on iOS 12

Step 5:

Now wait for sometime. The client will download the app first and then install it on your iPhone,iPad or iPod.install download vshare

Step 6:

Wait for the installation to then finish on your iOS 12 device. Then tap on it and run.

Thats about it. You have succesfully installed vshare ios 12 on your iPhone,iPad or iPod. Now you can enjoy almost the perks of android phone on your iOS device.

Disconnect your device. You will see vShare SE app. Launch it and enjoy playing free apps and games.

If you have any queries, Comment or leave a feedback. We’ll try our best to solve it .Please share.


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